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Stunning Patagonia

By Matthew Barker | Patagonia, Argentina - Chile | Categories: South America - Adventure

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From its pampas grasslands where gauchos round up vicuñas to the rugged Patagonia and the untamed Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is a beautiful country. There are also the towering Martial Mountains, gorgeous glaciers, including the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier and the Upsala Glacier. And Buenos Aires’s nightlife – the tango dancers, the delicious wine and barbeque lamb – is not to be missed. On an Argentina vacation, there is so much that you can do and see, and much of it is off the beaten track.

Glacial lake at foot of Cerro Torre mountains. | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

When you’re visiting Buenos Aires, go on a Tigre tour. Tigre is a town on the river delta just 30 minutes outside of the capital. This small town was a booming elite vacation town in the 19th century. Many of the mansions and restaurants are only accessible by boat.

Perito Moreno glacier - Lago Argentino, Santa Cruz, Argentina | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

Also make sure to visit the estancias around Buenos Aires. The pampas just inland from Buenos Aires continue for nearly a quarter of the country, all the way up to the majestic Andes. Along these pampas the legendary gauchos and brave pioneers built their estancias, ranches surrounded by acres of produce, cattle fields, and open plain. You may do a day tour to visit a few nearby estancias, or stay in one overnight! Often, estancias have been refurbished into homely bed and breakfasts.

Glacier Grey in National Park Torres del Paine, Chile. | Photographer/Source: Dietmar Temps

Make sure to visit Puerto Madryn, just south of Buenos Aires on the Valdes Peninsula, as any Argentina vacation would be incomplete without a trip to this beautiful wildlife preserve. The Valdes Peninsula harbors two huge gulfs, and in and around these gulfs flourish birds, seals, penguins, sea lions, and a plethora of marine life that makes for terrific scuba diving. Southern right whales are also known to frequent the gulf, migrating to its calm and warm waters to breed. Often these whales are visible from the shore, sometimes even from your hotel window! Whale watching tours are popular from June to December, as a tour will take you along the coasts and then out to sea, and you’re sure to see a varied amount of marinelife.

Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

Another excellent way to tour Puerto Madryn is to go on a half day sea kayaking expedition. This sea kayaking tour gives you both the thrill of kayaking on the sea while also being a calm and relaxing way to see the marinelife and the coast. A kayaking tour is great for beginners, even children, as the waters are calm.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

A third Patagonia destination is Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world. Ushuaia is located on the Beagle Channel, and behind it is the Martial Mountains. One of the best ways to soak in this beautiful country is to take a 4x4 excursion of the nearby Tierra del Fuego and Fagnano and Escondido lakes. This full day tour goes from Ushuaia along the Carabajal and Tierra Mayor Valleys. At Tierra Mayor, you can try snowshoeing, dog sledding, Nordic skiing, or you can simply enjoy the views from the warm chalet, where you will a lamb barbeque. You will then continue your tour to Paso Garibaldi, where you will have views of Escondido and Fagnano lakes. You can go kayaking on the lake if you wish, or continue on to Bombilla Lagoon before heading back to Ushuaia.

Patagonia, Southern Andes. | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

This description of an Argentina Vacation was written by a Argentina Travel expert at Argentina For Less.

Broken bridge, Patagonia | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff
Ranch, southern Patagonia. | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff
Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff
Perito Moreno Glacier which empties into Lago Argentina. | Photographer/Source: Trey Ratcliff

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